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Valuation of the residential real estate

Residential real estates are one of the most required directions in valuation activity, which constitutes the large capacity of the property market. Residential property means apartments in multi-storey buildings, private houses, large properties (villas), and cottages.


Valuation of non-residential real estate

Non-residential real estates are another major directions in valuation activity. This kind of properties is divided into numerous types with different purposes and functions. Real estates on various purposes, from simple garages to large business


Valuation of land plots

Land plots are one of the real estate types that require valuation periodically. Unlike buildings, land plots seem to be more tangible as empty areas. In fact, they can also have different values as they are on various purposes. There are plenty of differences


Valuation of commercial real estate

One of the most responsible works of valuation activities is the appraisal of commercial (business) real estate. As commercial properties are usually large properties, the revenue generating possibilities have a key role in the formation


Valuation of transpor vehicles

One of the popular trends in valuation activity is the appraisal of transport vehicles. Valuation of transport vehicles may be required for a range of possible uses, including financial reports, purchase and sale, and taxation. Valuation of transport vehicles does


Valuation of machinery and equipments

One of the valuation segments is the determination of the value of machinery and equipments.
Valuation or cancellation of movable property type machinery and equipments consisting of multiple commercial products